Inkjet Coding Machines

Coding machines can be used to print important data like batch numbers, serial numbers, barcodes, and best before end dates. Depending on the type and variant of machine used, it is possible to print on flat as well as curved and uneven surfaces.

The type of machine will also dictate the type of substrate on which the data can be easily printed, the level of detail, and the overall quality of the printing. Inkjet coding machines are commonly used when a business needs continuous colour printing, and they can be used to print on almost any surface. Inkjet coding machines tend to cost less than thermal printers to purchase, but they do have more working parts and might not be as suitable for use in dusty and difficult environments.

Continuous inkjet printers are a powerful coding machine variant. They can print on virtually any surface. They can even be used with dye and pigment, UV and food grade inks, which means that they are used in a wide variety of businesses and production runs. They can print directly onto items, as well as onto packaging. Inkjet machines are also non-contact, which means that they can be used on fragile products and items.

If you are looking to add a coding machine to an existing production line, you will need to choose a model that can be integrated into your existing hardware. This will also enable you to automate the coding and printing processes, saving time and potentially money, while ensuring reliability and accuracy.

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