Datamax O-Neil, now called Honeywell, is a leading provider of industrial printers. The Datamax label printer range includes both thermal and inkjet printers, as well as a variety of sizes from handheld to industrial barcode and label printers. Datamax O’Neil also manufactures and supplies, and with more than 50 years’ experience in the label printing hardware manufacture industry, they have amassed many happy buyers in industries including retail, manufacture, healthcare, and ticketing.

Handheld, or mobile, label printers, from Datamax O’Neil are ideal for use in warehouses and shops: premises where workers may need to print a single label on the fly. They can be carried conveniently, and are especially well suited to printing a replacement label. They are rugged enough that they can be stored in toolboxes or carried in pockets and bags. Desktop printers are bigger, designed for use in the relatively safe environment of an office, and they can be used when a business needs to print around 100 or so labels in a single day. Industrial printers are the biggest variant. They are incredibly durable, typically being made from metal. They can also print several hundred labels a day, with some models offering near continuous 24-hour operation.

When buying Datamax label printers, look at the DPI rating. This is the number of Dots Per Inch, with higher numbers representing a better resolution. However, not all companies require high resolution from their barcode or label printing, and those with a lower DPI may offer a more cost effective solution to the organisation.

Datamax also offers a choice of inkjet or thermal label printers. Inkjet printers are usually less expensive to buy, but have higher running and maintenance costs. They are also capable of printing near photo quality images, but thermal printers are better suited to quickly printing large numbers of monochrome labels.

Label printers from Datamax can be used for a host of different purposes, from printing receipts to printing full colour labels. If you need help choosing the most appropriate model for your business processes, call the Label Line team on 0151 546 2222 or buy your label printers directly from our secure website.

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