Sato is a manufacturer of label printers, labels, lasers, print engines, and more. Their printers and products are durable and dependable, and they are used in a host of industries from automotive to healthcare. They can be used in offices and even in difficult environments like factories. They are perhaps best known for their manufacture of highly dependable portable label printers, and at Label Line we have a wide variety of these items for you to choose from. You can speak to one of the team if you need help choosing the most appropriate printer for your business requirements.

Portable or handheld label printers are commonly used in shops and retail outlets. They enable the operator to apply a price and print a barcode for applying to an individual or small number of products. They incorporate a label reel, which negates the need to have to keep loading an individual label, and they should be intuitive to ensure that the operator can easily print and apply the labels as needed.

Sato label printers also include a range of industrial printers. These are designed to be used in challenging environmental conditions. Warehouses can be dusty, which can interfere with the continued operation of a printer, but this is nothing compared to the potential difficulties that a printer will face in the hot, damp, and otherwise difficult conditions of a factory or other industrial setting.

We also offer the Sato printing engine. This not only prints but incorporates a label applicator, too. It can operate 24/7, making it the ideal solution for a busy manufacturing plant. It also comes in a choice of thermal only or ribbon saver model.

Label Line has a large catalogue of label printers from Sato and other major manufacturers. If you need help choosing the best printer for your business, call and speak to one of the team on 0151 546 2222 or buy directly from our secure online shop today.

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