Labelling Machine

A labelling machine is any machine that applies printed labels to boxes, products, pallets, and other items. It may be incorporated into a supply line, and it is possible to buy labelling machines that also print the labels. Other models take pre-printed labels and manually or automatically apply them to the required items, depending on the model chosen.

Labels can convey branding and a marketing message. They can also include important business and product information, often having to comply with EU and UK regulations and legislation. They also contain stock management identification like barcodes. It is common for a label to include all three of these types of data. Modern labels may also be RFID encoded, while smart labels are also growing in application and popularity. They can incorporate elements of tamper proofing and anti-fraud features. The modern label is much more than a simple price tag, which means that the modern labelling machine also has to be able to do more.

Standard labelling machines will take printed labels and apply them to products and other items. They may be manually operated, as is the case with most handheld or portable devices.

Print and apply label applicators combine the features of a label printer with the functionality and automation of label application. They are typically added to a production and packaging line, negating the need to have to manually remove labels from the printer and add them to the next device. This type of device can be used in retail to apply labels at the point of sale but are also used in warehousing and in factories.

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