Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanners are used to scan printed barcodes, converting the information into an alphanumeric code that represents a specific item or product. This code is then used to pull up information relating to price, item details, and other information.

There are different types of barcode scanner, including those that read 1D and those that read more complex 2D barcodes. Laser scanners are the most common, but more complex models might use image scanners to scan the vertical and horizontal lines used in 2D barcodes.

Laser scanners can use mirrors and lights to make them more effective at reading the barcode from a greater distance, while pen scanners are more portable but do not have the capability to read the barcode over a greater distance.

It is possible to install barcode reading software or apps on phones and other mobile devices, but dedicated barcode scanners integrate directly into your system, can’t be interrupted by phone calls and other applications, and do not typically require software updates.

Barcode scanners, and barcodes, are traditionally used in shops as a faster method of getting price information and for stock and inventory management. However, their benefits are now realised in a much wider range of industries and settings. They are used in healthcare institutions and hospitals to track patients, drugs, blood samples, and more. They are used in warehouses to track inventory, determine stock levels and raw material levels. In fact, they can be used in any setting where it is necessary to track items and quickly gather information pertaining to those items.

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