Datalogic PDA

Datalogic manufactures a wide range of barcode scanning hardware, including fixed retail scanners, handheld scanners, industrial scanners, and mobile computers or PDA scanners.

Datalogic PDA scanners are durable and rugged, great for use in warehouses but also in industrial settings. They will withstand difficult environmental conditions like dust, damp, and humidity. They will also withstand rough treatment, so they can be placed in toolboxes, gloveboxes, and in pockets and on workbenches. They are also convenient and easy to use, which means that they are ideal for single use as well as for regular users, and if a standard handheld device isn’t enough or doesn’t have a large enough display, the Datalogic PDA scanner range also includes the rugged Taskbook.

If you are looking for barcode scanners that will be used by remote and travelling employees, for example by electricians, plumbers, or even delivery drivers and meter readers, then vehicle-mounted PDA scanners are another great alternative.

Barcode scanners can be used in retail shops. Fixed scanners enable operators and shoppers to pass items over the scanner, while handheld wand scanners can be used in cases where items can’t be passed over the conveyor belt. Fixed scanners can also be used in an automated supply line. The items are automatically passed over the scanner using the conveyor system, allowing for the registration and the tracking of items.

Mobile devices can be used in warehouses and stock rooms. They can also be used by electricians, plumbers, and other professionals, to monitor the items that they use and where they use them. This is an effective method of tracking stock but also ensuring that plans are adhered to, while allowing future work to be completed more effectively and quickly.

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