Handheld Scanner

Barcode scanners are used to read barcodes on items and products in a host of industries. Barcodes are quick and effective, offer a cost-effective method of inventory and product management, and they can be incorporated into various warehouse and stock management systems. They are also reliable, although you will need to ensure that you have a high-quality barcode printer to ensure that the stickers and labels do not fade easily.

When it comes to scanning the barcodes, you have a number of options, including the use of apps on mobile phones and other devices, stationary scanners like those used at self service POS tills, and handheld barcode scanners.

Handheld scanners offer some degree of portability. Most units are wired, and they connect to a terminal, computer, or till. They may also connect to a PDA for inventory and stock management on the shop floor or in the warehouse. However, some wireless models are also available.

Wireless models may include a display on the handheld device, which offers quick and easy access to relevant information. Wireless units rely on batteries to power them, but these may be rechargeable, and a rechargeable scanner should offer enough power to last a day before they need to be plugged in and charged. Battery power means that the operator does not have to be tethered to wall sockets or extensions, and it means that the device can still be used even in the event of a power cut. Handheld barcode scanners are also more convenient at tills, because it means that the scanner can be moved to the barcode, rather than having to try and move the product to the reader.

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