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Traditionally used in shops and warehouses, barcodes are becoming increasingly popular in hospitals and other healthcare settings. They offer a convenient and cost effective method of tracking and managing inventory, stock, and even people.

It is possible to use traditional 1D barcodes, which have only vertical lines and gaps to represent a unique code, as well as 2D barcodes, which use horizontal and vertical lines. 2D codes are more complex, can contain more information, but they require image readers rather than specific barcode readers in order to translate the barcode into an alphanumeric code.

Buy barcode printers and label printers, enabling you to create your own barcodes and print them onto labels for sample bottles, wrist straps for patients, and labels to place on patient notes. Once the barcodes are printed, you will also need a means for doctors, nurses, lab technicians, and other professionals to be able to read the barcode, register information, and read data pertaining to that barcode.

Hospital barcode scanners tend to be handheld devices or PDA devices, because these are portable and convenient while being powerful and capable enough of coping with the required data load. Handheld devices are typically used to register information, and the operator needs to be close to a terminal or computer to access the information. This type of scanner might be used in labs. PDA devices are more powerful. As well as the scanner, they also have a display screen, on which the operator is given the information that pertains to a barcoded item. These are also portable, but they can be used to retrieve data better than simple handheld scanners.

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