Intermec PDA

Intermec is a widely recognised name in the barcode scanning and printing world. They offer barcode printers, which are used to print labels that incorporate encoded barcodes. They also have a variety of barcode scanning devices including handheld and mobile devices, and more advanced models like PDA scanners. Whether you have a retail store, are looking for an effective means of managing stock in your warehouse, or you are responsible for acquisitions for a hospital or healthcare centre, Intermec PDA scanners are reliable and cost-effective solutions for your business.

PDA scanners include mobile barcode scanning technology. Direct the scanner at the barcode of an item and once registered, the screen will display relevant information about the barcode scanned. The PDA also includes other mobile computer features, and it allows for the coding and editing of details. Signature screens may also be incorporated into this type of device, making it ideal for meter readers and for delivery drivers.

Barcodes can be used for a host of product management and tracking solutions. They are commonly used in retail settings. The barcode not only links to the price of the product, which can be altered without having to change the price on every individual item, but as a product is purchased it can be removed from the inventory or stocklist. This means that barcode scanners can form a vital part of stock management, allowing for the automatic reordering of items that have run out of stock or are nearly out of stock.

Label Line specialises in the provision and supply of label and barcode printers, and associated hardware. We stock hardware from major manufacturers including Zebra, Toshiba, and Intermec. Buy Intermec PDA scanners directly from our site today, to enjoy fast delivery and competitive prices, or call us on 0151 546 2222 with any questions you have about the items we sell.

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