Motorola PDA

Motorola barcode scanners are high quality, cost effective, and powerful scanners. They can be used as retail solutions and are also regularly used in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Barcode scanners are also used by delivery drivers, in warehouses, and in a host of other industries and settings. Whether you want flatbed, mounted, handheld, or PDA devices, there is a wide selection of Motorola barcode scanners to meet your needs.

Flatbed and mounted scanners are typically used at retail checkouts or tills. The item is passed over or past the scanner, and the laser or optical sensor reads the barcode and registers with the inventory and stock management system. The price is recalled and, depending on the EPOS system used, information including the date and time of sale of the item is recorded. In an advanced system, software can be used to track inventory levels and automatically order more stock when levels are getting low. This type of system might also be combined with a conveyor system to automatically track item movement.

Handheld scanners might also be used at tills, especially for those items that are too large or cumbersome to be lifted and passed over the scanner. PDA scanners offer similar mobility to handheld devices, but they include a screen that returns the data and information pertaining to the item scanned. This type of device is often used by delivery drivers and meter readers, combining the barcode scanner with a signature box and other features.

Motorola barcode scanners also include products like ultra rugged scanners, which are ideal in difficult and challenging conditions. They can be thrown in the van, stored in a toolbox, or kept in the pocket until they are used, without the fear of them becoming badly damaged or broken.

Label Line has a large collection of barcode hardware, including label and barcode printers. We also have a selection of Motorola barcode scanners, as well as scanners from other major manufacturers including Intermec and Datalogic. Browse our products online, and order using our secure ordering system, or call and speak to one of the team on 0151 546 2222 with any questions you have.

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