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Barcodes are an effective and efficient method of managing stock and inventory. Their most common use is in retail, but they are also used heavily in warehouse and inventory management. They are also used widely in healthcare, industrial settings, and more.

Barcode reading can be done in many ways, but all devices and all technologies rely on the same basic premise of reading the barcode and converting this to an alphanumeric code that represents a specific set or collection of data. Modern barcode scanners include handheld scanners as well as flatbed scanners, such as those you find in supermarkets.

While handheld devices do offer some portability, they are still sometimes limited in their range of movement, and do not necessarily give access to the required data if the user is not on close proximity to a terminal or PC.

Flatbed scanners are useful in shops, especially at self service tills, and may be used on conveyors as part of a production or assembly line, but they are rigidly fixed in position so do not find use in a lot of applications.

It is also possible to have software and apps installed on mobile phones and tablets, as well as other mobile devices, that will do the work for you. However, these can be interrupted by phone calls and mobile phones can be hacked.

A good compromise is that of the PDA barcode scanner. A PDA barcode scanner is similar to the type of machine used by delivery drivers, but can provide much more information. As the barcode is read with the portable device, information can be displayed on the handheld screen. This provides immediate and mobile access to relevant data.

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