Allen coding machines use a variety of technologies to provide you with high quality finished batch coding. They have a range of direct thermal, continuous inkjet, and hot foil coding machines available, which can be used for a host of different manufacturing and production purposes.

Allen coding machines can be used to print on a variety of substrates including paper and card, plastic, and even glass bottles. Their flexibility means that they are used in the food packaging industry, where conditions make it difficult to find a reliable batch coding printing solution; in general manufacturing, where speed and accuracy are vital; and in other industries including automotive and even the chemical industry.

Choosing the right printing technology is important. Inkjet printers offer continuous printing, and they can be used to print detailed colour codes. Thermal printing is often preferred in continuous and ongoing runs because thermal printers do not require ribbon changes or any ongoing maintenance.

Foil printing works like an analogue printing press. Heat is applied to the foil stamp, but it does require manual operation and there tends to be more waste with a foil stamp printing process. Typically, thermal printers are preferred to hot foil because they minimise waste and can reduce operating and printing costs.

Allen coding machines are available utilising any of these three printing technologies, giving you the flexibility to choose the type of machine that is best suited to your printing operation and to your existing machinery and processes.

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