Coding machines are used to print data like barcodes, best before end dates, and serial and batch numbers to products. They are commonly used to print on primary packaging. As such, they may be required to print on a variety of different substrates including paper and card, as well as metal, plastic, and glass.

Coding machines may be manual, but in the modern manufacturing age, it is more likely that they will be incorporated into a production and packaging line. They can be combined with CAD software, coding software, and with existing packaging and fulfilment hardware.

Markem coding machines include a range of continuous inkjet, thermal inkjet, thermal transfer, and laser printers, as well as hot melt inkjet printers, according to your coding requirements.

Continuous inkjet printers are ideally suited to use with substrates like card and paper, plastic and glass. They can be used in specific applications such as egg coding, and you can use them with ketone-free and MEK-free inks.

Thermal inkjet printers are perfect for small batch runs and can be used in dusty and humid environments. They tend to work best on porous and semi-porous boxes.

Thermal transfer printers tend to offer the fastest printing solution and can be used for continuous printing runs. They are used on flexible packaging like foil and plastic bags.

Laser printers can produce high contrast codes and can be used on cardboard, plastic, and glass.

Markem also supplies digital printers and small character hot melt inkjet printers. They have a large selection of coding machines, label printers, and labelling machines available. Browse the full collection of Markem coding machines at Label Line, and enjoy competitive prices on all the products we sell. Alternatively, if you’re unsure of the best coding machine for your manufacturing or supply business, give us a call on 0151 546 2222 and speak to one of the team who will be happy to help with your coding machine enquiries.

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