Thermal Coding Machines

Coding machines are used to apply information such as best before dates, serial numbers, and batch numbers onto products and labels. This information might be required to be printed on items, according to local legislation, or might be used to identify products, manage stock, and to impart vital information to buyers.

A coding machine will usually form part of a production line, and while there are manual options available, you will also find automated batch coders that can be added to your existing hardware. Choose the type of printer according to your business requirements. Inkjet printers are ideal in situations where multiple colours are required, and if printing directly onto products made from plastic and other substrates.

However, ribbons need changing and thermal coding machines can offer more cost-effective printing in certain situations – they are contact printers, as thermal heat is applied to the ribbon, which melts the resin or wax onto the substrate. While colour printing is possible with thermal machines, it is usually limited to one or two colours.

A coding machine can be added to a conveyor system. Products or packaging substrate are passed along the production line and necessary data is printed onto the item as it passes through the coding section. This type of batch coder is low maintenance, which means that you will suffer less downtime. They can also be used in difficult environments, for example in dusty and even damp manufacturing facilities. What’s more, the ink or dye dries quicker than inkjet print, which means that it can continue down a production line without the danger of smudging or blurring.

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