Cab label printers are multipurpose and highly functional. They include compact and desktop printers, but Cab is best known for its supply of incredibly versatile and highly durable industrial labels printers. Devices like the EOS range are perfect for use in retail settings, offering handheld operation but features like an extended label roll to ensure continued operation. Squix printers are industrial label printers, while the XC and XD range are innovative industrial solutions that offer additional features such as double-sided printing or two-colour printing. At Label Line, we can supply you with the best Cab label printers for your requirements.

Portable label and barcode printers are often used in shops, storerooms, and warehouses. They can be used to print a single label at a time, usually incorporate a label reel so that the user does not have to individually load a label whenever they want to print, and they are portable and easy to carry around and use. The EOS range of Cab portable label printers are budget-friendly but feature rich.

Desktop printers are capable of printing dozens of labels in a single run. As such, they may be more practical than a portable printer if the user needs to apply multiple labels to multiple products at a time. They are less expensive than industrial models, but the MACH range of printers from Cab include features like an LED display for ease of use and convenience.

Industrial printers can print thousands of labels a day, some of them operating continuously over any 24 hour period. They also incorporate additional features such as label applicators, and you can choose between left, centre, and right aligned material guides. Models like the A8+ are ideal for printing pallet labels because of the size of label they can print.

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