Codeology is best known for its manufacture of large character printers. They typically supply inkjet printers that are capable of integrating with Datamax O’Neil, Zebra, Soto, and other printer manufacturers. They are used for label and barcode printing, as well as for pallet labelling, product labelling, and more. The British manufacturer is popular for its cost effective, industrial printing solutions.

Thermal printing and inkjet printing are the two main technologies used in label printers. In inkjet printers, fine droplets of ink are fired on the label or other media. Thermal printers rely on the heating of a thermal ribbon, which has a wax or resin coating on one side. As the resin is heated, it is applied to the print media in the chosen design. Typically, inkjet printers are used for their multicolour and near-photo quality prints, while thermal printers are chosen because they offer very fast printing runs and still provide a crisp and clear finish with less chance of the printed media running or becoming otherwise damaged.

Choose the most appropriate size of printer according to your operational printing requirements. If your employees only need to print a single label at a time, for example to replace a damaged label on an existing product, then a handheld or portable label printer is ideal. If you need to print a lot of labels in the course of a day, and especially if the labels will be printed in a dusty or otherwise challenging environment, Codeology industrial label printers will run smoothly for years. Many businesses choose industrial printers for use in their business, but a desktop model is less expensive and easier to site and use.

If you’re looking for the most cost effective and efficient hardware, Label Line has Codeology label printers as well as printers from other major manufacturers. Buy directly from our secure website or call and speak to one of the team on 0151 546 2222.

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