Intermec specialises in the manufacture of data capture hardware, and they produce a high quality range of reliable label printers that can be integrated into a supply line or supply chain system. Label printers from Intermec are commonly used in retail and manufacturing, and they are also used in healthcare and other sensitive industries.

Now owned by Honeywell, the Intermec brand continues to stand for high quality, reliable, printing and durable printers and hardware. Choose from their wide range of label and barcode printers here on the Label Line website or, if you need help choosing the most appropriate hardware for your business, call and speak to one of the team on 0151 546 2222.

Portable printers are ideal for quickly printing barcodes and labels. You can print long-lasting and hard-wearing labels that can be affixed to any item, ranging from food products or other retail items, to blood samples and more. They are ideally suited to situations where the operator only needs to print a single label at a time. I

f you need to print 100 to 200 or so labels a day, then you are better suited to a desktop printer. These have additional features, can print on a wider variety of labels and label sizes, and they can print for a couple of hours at a time to produce a hundred or more labels in one go.

Industrial printers offer even greater options, with some even operating 24 hours a day and printing over a thousand labels at a time.

Label Line can supply barcode and label printers from Intermec as well as other major manufacturers including Zebra, Toshiba, and Datamax O’Neil. Take a look at the printers and other hardware we offer right here on our site, or call and speak to one of our team on 0151 546 2222 and one of the team will be happy to point you in the right direction.

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