Label Line UK supply all printing hardware including barcode label, inkjet and thermal printers, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), thermal transfer, colour Laser-jet printers and print engines. Regardless of your specific requirements we are able to help fit the exact printing system to suit your individual requirements and company needs.

Details and brochures of the printers below, and other Label Line products, can be found on our Downloads page.

Codeology i100 Inkjet Printer


The i100 is a low-cost entry level ink jet printer ideally suited for distributors. It has been designed in a modular form for ease of build, maintenance and stock-holding. There are three main modules, a base unit and ink bottle stand containing an electronics controller and air pump, a print head containing a robust manifold and with a minimum of electrics, and a separate hand controller (the HHC).

Codeology i100M Inkjet Printer


The i100M ink jet printer is a microprocessor controlled printer for marking cardboard boxes, timber, concrete blocks, shrink-wrap and similar items. It operates by firing solenoid valves in a particular sequence in front of a moving product. As the valves open, they release pressurised ink through a series of tubes and nozzles. The valves open quickly, so the ink is ejected as a droplet. By opening the valves in the correct sequence and speed, words are formed from the droplets on the product as it moves past the print head.

Codeology i500 Inkjet Printer


The i500 ink jet printer is designed to print large character print on cardboard boxes, shrink-wrap, timber, bricks or blocks. Printing from one to eight lines of print on one or both sides of a product, in a mix of single or double-height fonts. Print can include text, graphics and logos, sell-by dates, batch information, counts, production dates and any other variable or fixed information. With the built-in real-time clock it can automatically calculate sell-by dates and Julian dates required in the food industry.

Codeology ip600 Inkjet Printer


The ip600 ink jet printer is an IP65 protected stainless steel, modular inkjet printer designed to offer the most common facilites required on large character ink jet printers. It will print time, date, shelf-life, batch and traceability information on a variety of substrates such as shrink wrap, concrete blocks, timber and metal drums. The printer is available on a stand or wall-mounted, the only external parts are the ink bottle and the print head, everything else is contained within a single robust IP65 stainless steel cabinet.

Thermal Printers


We can offer any thermal label printers you require, from Zebra, Toshiba, Cab, Sato, Intermec, TSC and Datamax to name a few. Depending on whether you need a desktop printer or an industrial printer, you can find it in our large range of thermal printers. It is essential to make the right decision in accordance with your needs; our team of experts and engineers are here to assist you in your choices.

Printer Engines


We offer extended printer purchasing variances including Sale, Rental and Finance options to suit each individual customers needs, for further information on financing options with us please contact us. Label Line UK have the ability to supply any printer specifications, so regardless of your specific requirements we are able to help fit the exact printing system to suit your individual purposes, from multi line production to inner/outer case packaging and direct printing on boxes.

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