Scanner And PDA Maintenance

Handheld devices like scanners and PDAs form the basis of a lot of retail work. They are used for inventory management, offering instant access to product details like stock levels and pricing. They can also be used to update stock details, so ruined items can be monitored and logged, for example.

PDAs And Scanners

Commonly used by shop floor and warehouse staff, scanners are most often used to scan the barcode details found on products, and while this is commonly used in retail, any business can benefit from the use of barcodes. Add a barcode to raw materials, or use existing barcodes, and you can manage the level of materials you have. With a fully automated system, it is possible to order additional items when our own stock reaches a certain level.

Not all scanners used are handheld. Consider the scanners found at the end of till conveyors, these can also be added to the production line or assembly line. Supermarkets also offer self-service tills, which incorporate a scanner, and some now offer a handheld scanner that shoppers can use to track exactly what they are putting in their trolley.

These are just some examples of how scanners and PDAs can be used, saving time and offering an increasing range of services and solutions to clients and customers. However, you use your scanner, you need to ensure that it continues to work effectively and efficiently.

Caring For Your Devices

Scanners and PDAs are designed to be rugged, but they need to be. Users will put the devices down wherever they use them, and they tend to get knocked about. As rugged as the design is, however, you still need to ensure that the handhelds are well cared for. You can give protective cases and encourage the return of the device at the end of the day, as well as proper, routine charging.

Combining this general care with a professional PDA servicing contract offers you total peace of mind because it helps prevent breakdown and can prolong the life of the device while negating the need to pay for emergency and last-minute repairs.

Maintenance Contracts

A maintenance contract ensures that you can plan expected downtime, arranging for the maintenance to take place while the devices are not being used. In contrast, if you leave scanners until they breakdown, you won’t be able to predict exactly when they will be out of operation, costing you time and money when repairs are required.

You can also save money on repairs, over the lifetime of the device. Repairs tend to be more expensive, because small problems become massive issues before they need repairing, and because the PDA should last longer with proper maintenance, it means that you won’t have to pay for replacements as soon or as often, either.

PDA And Scanner Maintenance From Label Line UK

Call Label Line UK on 0151 546 2222 to discuss your PDA maintenance and scanner servicing requirements. Our engineers can perform annual and routine maintenance work on scanners and PDAs, including those from popular manufacturers like Motorola, Symbol, and Honeywell, but even if you have devices from other manufacturers, we can still help, so get in touch today.