Scanners and PDAs

Scanners for healthcare

While the healthcare industry uses bar codes for inventory control, asset tracking, and data management, its primary purpose is for improved patient care and increased patient safety. Bar code scanning automates data capture without human interference and potential human error.

The Datalogic Gryphon series of imagers, available as corded and wireless, provide best-in-class reading performance on 1D and 2D codes. Datalogic’s presentation imagers are high performing and versatile data collection tools suitable for handsfree operations. The Elf PDA combines robustness and technology in an ergonomic PDA form factor. Leveraging the patented ‘Green Spot’ technology on both laser and 2D imagers, it’s the right tool for every silent environment.

Scanners for retail

Delivering a valuable and relevant in-store shopping experience for today’s sophisticated and digitally connected consumer is the most difficult challenge in retail. Datalogic is applying new advanced technology to products and solutions that allow the retailer to improve the in-store shopping experience.

The advanced imaging technology of the Jade™ X7 portal scanner is the key building block that allows retailers and their system integration partners to re-invent the retail checkout process. 

The LaneHawk LH4000 unit detects and recognizes these items as part of the transaction, assuring that customers pay for all of their merchandise during checkout. Magellan In-Counter High Performance Scanners handle more transactions and reduce checkout times better than any other scanner.

Scanners for consumers

Retailers need new tools to differentiate themselves and strengthen their customer ties while reducing their operational expenses. Shopevolution™ from Datalogic is a unique retail solution that gives retailers the ability to collect information on shopper behaviour, deliver customized promotions, and provide a uniquely branded shopping experience. The modular design allows retailers to deploy components as they need on their own schedule.

Shopevolution interfaces with existing POS, Inventory Management, CRM, and Marketing platforms to deliver in-store multimedia content, customized promotions, and Self-shopping capabilities to customers on the technology platform of their choice.

Shopevolution’s cutting edge and powerful architecture supports Datalogic’s Joya™ device for Self-shopping as well other devices and smartphones.

Intermec PDAs

Intermec mobile computers offer versatility with a choice of Windows® or Android™ operating systems on a single device coupled with power-packed processors. Designed for an excellent user experience, large, multi-touch, outdoor-readable screens provide room for application viewing with less scrolling and greater productivity as well as more space for capturing signatures.

Equipped with state-of-the-art smart battery technology they deliver enough power to last a full shift and reduce the cost for replacement batteries. We can supply a wide range of PDAs manufactured by Intermec– contact us for  more information or to discuss your requirements.

Motorola PDAs

From the sales floor to the backroom Motorola mobile computers have what it takes to automate the capture of inventory data right at the point of work. Paper forms that need to be manually entered into computers are eliminated which reduce input errors and improve productivity. Motorola PDAs feature plenty of processing power, robust design and user-friendly ergonomics.

Support for Motorola”s RhoElements application development platform allows you to create cross-platform applications that work on different mobile computers with different operating systems. We can supply a wide range of PDAs manufactured by Motorola – contact us for  more information or to discuss your requirements.

Datalogic PDAs

Datalogic PDAs utilise the latest technology in a pocket-sized and robust package. These state-of-the-art PDAs feature powerful processors with plentiful RAM delivered in the industry’s most ergonomic form factor. Datalogic PDAs have handy LEDs to provide instant status on battery charging, good read indicator and keyboard state.

They offers a vibrator for customisable alerts and an accelerometer to automatically orientate the display. Intermec offer aesthetics combined with robustness that survive indoor and outdoor usage. We can supply a wide range of PDAs manufactured by Datalogic– contact us for  more information or to discuss your requirements.