Thermal Label Printer

Thermal printers use technology that applies heat to a wax or resin coated ribbon. This heat melts the coating, which is then applied to the label. The result is a crisp looking label, cost effective, uniform printing. There are other benefits to thermal label printers, too, such as the comparatively minimal number of moving parts, which means that there is less to go wrong. Maintenance requirements and repair costs tend to be lower with this type of printer, when compared to inkjet and other printers.

It is true that inkjet printers are better equipped for printing photo quality images, but very few labels really require this level of detail and precision. Thermal printing is reliable and accurate, and it gives a crisp finish. Thermal printing may have lower resolution, but it still offers a high quality finish for barcodes and labels. They print quickly, do not strictly use any consumables, and they usually fare better in the challenging industrial environment of factories and warehouses. They can also print on a wide range of different media and surfaces.

There are some pitfalls to thermal printers. They are more expensive to buy than inkjet printers, and there is less choice. Inkjet also offers much clearer and higher resolution photo printing, so if you want picture quality printing, you should opt for the more traditional inkjet printer.

The size of label printer you buy matters. Handheld devices are ideal for printing on the go, while desktop models can print 100 to 200 labels a day. Industrial printers are made from more durable materials can print 1000 labels or more per day. Also consider connectivity. Portable models usually offer Bluetooth and WiFi, but may also have a USB connection. The USB connection should be standard in desktop and industrial models, along with Ethernet. These larger models do not necessarily include mobile connectivity, so make sure you choose a model with Bluetooth or wireless as standard, if this is required.

If you have any doubts over connectivity, or whether inkjet or thermal label printers are better suited to your printing requirements, call Label Line on 0151 546 2222 and speak to one of the team.

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