Labelling & Packaging Systems

Industrial labelling machines not only need to provide reliability and accuracy, they also need to be able to withstand challenging environments while integrating with an existing supply line or manufacturing production line. At Label Line UK we can supply a range of labelling and packaging systems, including reliable and intuitive Codeology machines. These machines can be added to existing conveyor systems, or some models are available with optional conveyor systems.

Labelling is commonplace throughout the manufacture and supply chain. Labels are added to individual products, as well as to boxes and pallets that contain multiple items. They can incorporate information including product details, logos, best before dates, and Julian dates. They can be customised to incorporate almost any mission critical information.

Automating the labelling process enables you to minimise waste and eliminate errors. Labelling can be added to an existing manufacturing line, and thanks to a large selection of labelling machines and systems, it is possible to find a labeller that is ideal for your requirements. At Label Line UK we have years of experience in choosing and installing labelling systems, and we are always happy to provide guidance and advice on choosing the right equipment for your supply line.


Labelling systems need to be reliable for long term use. An error during the packaging and labelling process can lead to delays in delivery and payments. Errors can also prove costly, but with a good quality labeller, you can ensure that labels are printed and applied accurately and reliably. In general terms, the simpler the system, the less likely it is to break down, and most buyers do not require complex systems. Do make sure that the system you choose has the features you need, and consider your future requirements to ensure that the machine is future proof, but avoid buying more expensive machinery if you don’t need the additional functions and features that they offer.

Ease Of Setup And Use

A lot of the labelling machines that we supply offer simple setup and intuitive use. Look for machines that naturally integrate with existing systems. Some machines can be incorporated with existing software like Photoshop, or they may use proprietary software to combine multiple printers and other machinery into a single, functional and beneficial system. The iBar software that is incorporated into Codeology labellers, for example, makes it easy for you to choose the label design you want to print, and control all of your printers from a single location.

Some labelling machines incorporate built-in clocks so that they can automatically calculate and print best before and Julian dates. Others allow for simple, manual entry of the data that you want to print.

While simplicity is important, to ensure that you can quickly and easily use the machines that you have invested in, it is still important that the labeller you use does offer the extent of features required. Choosing a machine that is easy to use does not mean that you have to sacrifice quality or effectiveness.

Simple controls also help minimise the amount of time it takes to train operators, and it means that you can start producing and labelling products almost as soon as the equipment has been installed.

Modular Components

Modular components make labelling machines easy to install, but it also makes it easier to incorporate the machines into existing systems and processes. This also means that some of the models on offer have optional extras like built-in conveyors or onboard computers. You can buy exactly the system that you require; there’s no need to pay for elements that you don’t require.

At Label Line UK we work with customers to help determine their labelling and printing requirements, and supply the most appropriate and reliable machinery to meet those requirements. We stock machinery from a wide range of manufacturers, but some of the most common and most popular of our stock are:

Codeology P100 Printer Applicator

Built from stainless steel and aluminium, the Codeology P100 printer applicator is ideal for use in challenging industrial settings. It is an extremely reliable machine, ensuring that you can keep your production lines running without interruption. It is also easy to use, with just 2 controls, which means minimal training is required for operators. It has a minimal footprint, and it prints up to 50 labels per minute.

P140 Pre-Printed Label Applicator

With excellent accuracy and reliability rates, the P140 pre-printed label applicator is inexpensive and can apply as many as 100 labels per minute to the front or back, top or bottom of products. It can even apply labels round corners while the simple design means that there are far fewer components to go wrong, so maintenance costs are kept to a minimum and you can enjoy continuous applications without interruption to your manufacturing and supply processes. Like many Codeology products, it is designed for ease of use. Operators only have two controls so training requires are minimal.

P150 Top Labelling Print and Apply

The P150 is a label printer and applicator. It can apply up to 30 labels a minute, is easy to master, and has been produced so that it has only a few moving parts. The P150 has a small footprint, which means that walk space and space around the conveyor will not be too heavily restricted by its presence, and is suitable even in tight spaces. The aluminium and stainless steel body is not only tough and durable, but can be easily wiped clean to ensure health and safety.

RE100 Recirculating Conveyor

A recirculating conveyor like the Codeology RE100 offers improved automation to supply lines and manufacturing lines. It negates the need for operators to have to hand pick items from a Lazy Susan. It also greatly reduces the time it takes to erect, fill and seal cartons. Estimates suggest that a single person and a recirculating conveyor can more quickly complete the work of three manual packers. The conveyor allows cartons to collect near the pallet, so that the packer can bulk pack multiple cartons at once.

Label Line UK has extensive experience helping manufacturers, suppliers, and warehouses find the automation, packing, and labelling solutions for their needs. We can assist your business by identifying the best products, installing machinery like the automated conveyor, and we also offer maintenance and support services to any clients that need it, too. Call us today and speak to one of the team.