Scanner And PDA Repairs

Scanners and PDAs are used during the coding and labelling process, as well as for stock and inventory management and throughout the supply chain process. Even if you don’t manufacture or supply products, the use of scanners and PDAs may be integral to your business processes because they offer a convenient method of tracking stock and maintaining inventory.

These devices are designed to be rugged. Some models are meant to work in dusty environments, and they are designed to withstand shock, which is important because they tend to be used in physically challenging situations. Regular maintenance can help prolong the life of your handheld devices, but even this is unlikely to prevent all breakdowns and errors.

At Label Line UK, we offer a selection of maintenance and PDA repair services. You can send your handheld devices to us for routine repairs, or call us out for emergency repairs, preventing the need to shut down or slow down production just because of a device malfunction. We also offer routine maintenance contracts, so our skilled and experienced technicians can check for any errors and make repairs before they cripple your supply line and logistics operations.


PDAs And Scanners

PDAs and scanners are convenient, handheld devices. They are used in a host of applications, including in industrial and retail settings. They typically combine with label printing and coding machines and can be used to track your own products or to manage incoming inventory.

They need to be rugged because users will not usually take the best care of them, and if they are to be used in an industrial setting, they will also need to be able to withstand dusty settings, and they may need to be able to withstand hot or cold temperatures. This combination of factors makes the maintenance and care of handheld devices difficult, but you do need to care for and maintain them to ensure that they continue operating efficiently.

Label Line UK can help. Not only can we help source the best devices, but we also offer maintenance contracts that provide total peace of mind to you and the user, and we offer both on-site and off-site PDA and barcode scanner repairs.

 Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance plans are arranged in advance, and typically on an annual basis. Our technicians will service your PDAs and scanners.

They can identify any minor problems, replace failing components, and keep your handheld scanners and devices running smoothly for longer.


Barcode Scanner Repairs

We also offer a number of PDA repair and scanner repair services. Mobile devices can be sent directly to us so that we can make repairs at our location, before sending them back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, one of our technicians can visit your site. They will find the problem and make repairs there and then, if possible. Alternatively, if the repairs can’t be made at the time, the technician will arrange to take the equipment away, or agree a time to come back when they will be able to make the repairs.

 Motorola Barcode Scanner Repair

Scanners and PDAs are often used in supply chain for inventory management and stock management, but they can also be used in a variety of other settings.

To ensure you continue to get the most from your handheld devices, Label Line UK can provide regular maintenance, as well as effective and efficient PDA and scanner repairs, and we work with all major brands including Motorola, Microtek, Zebra, and more.

Call us on 0151 546 2222 to discuss your printer and scanner repair needs.