Label Line UK (Eng) Brochure

Whether you require a full service and maintenance contract, a breakdown callout, service agreements or even a specified number of scheduled or unscheduled visits, we can find the most beneficial option for you.

Label Line Int. (Esp) Brochure

Si su equipo está dando problemas o ha dejado de funcionar, nuestros ingenieros y técnicos especializados se asegurarán de completar la reparación dentro de nuestro tiempo de respuesta estándar

Bartender Software Brochure

BarTender® software enables organizations around the world to improve safety, security, efficiency and compliance by creating and automating the printing and control of labels, barcodes, RFID tags, plastic cards and more.

Bartender Installation Guide

BarTender includes a variety of applications that provide a level of power and flexibility not available in any other design and printing software package. Full installation guide.

P100 Outer Case Labelling

Although one of the last processes on your production line, the application of barcode labels to supermarkets’ specifications is very important to your business.

P140 Label Applicator

Applying pre-printed labels to your products is not a problem for the P140 Pre-Printed Label Applicator. The P140 Applicator will apply rolls of labels up to 300mm diameter at speeds of up to 100 products per minute.

P150 Top Labelling

Printing and applying labels to your products is not a problem for the P150 Top Labelling Print and Apply System and will print and apply rolls of labels up to 300mm diameter at speeds of up to 100 products per minute.

RE100 Recirculating Conveyor

RE100 Recirculating Conveyor – efficient packing of your product into outer cartons. When it comes to packing your products into outer cartons, are your operators still picking from a Lazy Susan?

Datalogic Healthcare

While the healthcare industry uses bar codes for inventory control, asset tracking, and data management, its primary purpose is for improved patient care and increased patient safety.

Datalogic Retail

One key to delivering a relevant and valuable shopping experience is the interaction with informed and helpful store associates. A full range of mobile computers that puts enterprise level information into the hands of each associate.

Datalogic Shopevolution

Shopevolution™ from Datalogic is a unique retail solution that gives retailers the ability to collect information on shopper behaviour, deliver customised promotions, and provide a uniquely branded shopping experience.

Codeology i100 Inkjet Printer

The i100 is a low-cost entry level ink jet printer ideally suited for distributors. It has been designed in a modular form for ease of build, maintenance and stock-holding.

Codeology i100M Inkjet Printer

The i100M ink jet printer is a microprocessor controlled printer for marking cardboard boxes, timber, concrete blocks, shrink-wrap and similar items.

Codeology i500 Inkjet Printer

The i500 ink jet printer is designed to print large character print on cardboard boxes, shrink-wrap, timber, bricks or blocks.

Codeology ip600 Inkjet Printer

The ip600 ink jet printer is an IP65 protected stainless steel, modular inkjet printer designed to offer the most common facilities required on large character ink jet printers.