How can I make a payment?

Our Accounts Department checks every case individually in order to find the best solution for both parties. You can pay by bank transfer or cheque.

Do you offer service and maintenance?

We offer service and maintenance for all of our clients in the UK. If your company is located abroad you can use our RTB service, which means you can send us your product for inspection and repair. We are also able to offer help through email, phone call or even a video.

What is the average delivery time?

Lead time can vary from same day delivery to 2-3 weeks depending on the required product.

How much does the delivery costs?

The delivery cost varies by buyer location, size and weight of the product.

Are the products that you offer original?

We offer both original and compatible product.

What happens if the product is faulty or it breaks down within the warranty period?

If the product received is faulty or it breaks down within the warranty period, you should inform us as soon as possible and make sure you get all the details about the issue in order to make the process easier for everyone. For printheads, we will need a printing test and few label samples to be sent back along with the faulty product in order to be able to return it to the manufacturer.

What is the difference between direct thermal and thermal transfer?

There are two thermal printing methods. The first method is direct thermal and the second one is thermal transfer. Both of these methods use a thermal printhead that applies heat to the surface being marked. Thermal transfer printing uses a heated ribbon to produce durable, long-lasting images on a wide variety of materials. No ribbon is used in direct thermal printing, which creates the image directly on the printed material. It is important to mention that direct thermal media is more sensitive to light, heat and abrasion As a result the life of printed material is reduced.

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