Label Printers Accessories

When you are sure enough about the thermal printer type you are going to purchase or you already have one, why not trying some accessories that will make your life easier. It is not necessary to have accessories for your thermal printer but some of them will improve your productivity in a great percentage. Below are the most popular accessories for thermal printers:

Auto cutter

If you are using a continuous printer then this is a very useful accessory. Auto cutter cuts the label from the roll automatically when the label is printed. Of course there are label rolls that do not need a cutter but again it depends from your thermal printer model.


Re-winder is a part that allows the user to print labels and then return the printed labels inside the thermal printer and roll them on an empty roller. This is very useful when you print a large quantity of labels daily as on the end of the day you will have a tidy roll of printed labels instead of a messy skein.

Peeler / Dispenser

With this part a thermal printer unsticks the printed labels from the paper. This tool is very useful when you stick the label on your products as soon as you print it. If you print a large quantity of labels every day this tool would not be too much useful because the thermal printer stops every time you print until you unstick the label from the paper

In-line Verifier

In-line verifier is actually a barcode scanner that one place on the front of the label printer and it analyzes all the printed labels. When you are printing labels for products that have to meet high standards in-line verifier is very useful because if there are any faulty labels it alerts you so you make all the necessary procedures and fix the problems.

You can find all of these accessories at Label Line UK. Just send us a message with your request and we will be back to you shortly.