Coding Machine

Coding machines are used to apply barcodes, dates, and other forms of data onto packaging and labels. Some of these machines can be integrated into an existing production line, while standalone machines can be used to print onto an individual item.

The data that is printed onto products differs according to the product and the requirements of the business, but can include information such as batch number, best before end date, or product identification data like barcodes. In some cases, this information must be printed to comply with regulations and legislation. It may also be printed to assist buyers and users of the product, while some businesses use batch coding to identify items for themselves in warehousing and stock and inventory management.

Reliability is critical when choosing coding machines and other production line coding machines. Downtime costs your business money. When buying a machine, ensure that it is designed to cope with the kind of printing load that will be placed on it – some printers struggle if they are required to print for more than an hour or two at a time, while others will struggle with fine detail.

Coding machines can be used to print anti-counterfeiting measures. This is an effective way to help counter fraudulent copies of your products, but requires that your coding machine is capable of printing such fine detail.

Also consider the type of substrate that you will be printing on. Paper and cardboard are usually the easiest material on which to print, and most batch coding machines can cope with these materials. If you are printing on plastic or some other material, you might have to look at specific models of printer designed for these purposes.

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