Label Printer

Label printers are used everywhere from offices to warehouses. Types include compact and portable printers to desktop printers, as well as those that are integrated into packing lines. They can be used to print shipping and mailing labels, barcodes, and more. Industrial printers are capable of running for several hours at a time, can produce thousands of labels in a single run, and there are even some models that have been designed to run 24 hours a day.

Consider the volume of labels you print. Occasional printing is best suited to compact and portable printers. You can print up to several hundred labels a day on a premium desktop model, or thousands a day on an industrial printer.

You will also need to consider the environmental conditions – if you will be printing in a dusty, potentially hot, warehouse or industrial setting, you need an industrial grade printer. Some businesses choose these models for office use, because they are better equipped at dealing with harsh conditions and some physical contact. They will usually last longer.

Label size will determine the size of printer you require. If you are only printing a small amount of information on small labels, a compact model may suffice.

Thermal transfer and direct thermal label printers are the most common printing methods used in this type of printer. A Direct Thermal Label Printer applies heat to specially coated labels and the surface of the label is blackened according to the required design. Thermal Transfer label printers apply heat to a ribbon which is then transferred onto the surface of the label.

Finally, consider how you connect to your label printer. USB is the most common means of connecting a computer to a printer, but Ethernet and Wi-Fi are also available. Some compact models may also utilise Bluetooth.

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