Desktop Label Printer

The desktop label printer is ideal for light to moderate label and barcode printing in the office. They sit between portable and industrial printers, in terms of size. They area best for light to moderate use, and tend to be used in offices and hospitality. They are not usually strong enough to withstand use in warehouses and factories. Desktop label printers are best suited to occasional use, and if you need to print more than 100 or so labels in a day, then you should buy a larger printer.

This type of printer is suitable for price labels, courier labels, and small packaging labels. You can run this type of printer for an hour or two a day, which is usually enough to print a couple of hundred labels a day, or a thousand a week.

Desktop printers offer more features than their mobile counterparts. Some models include automatic cutting machines, while others have external winding units. A winding unit enables you to neatly collect all of the labels that you print, automatically winding the labels every time you print. Once the labels are wound, they can be used with a label dispenser to automatically apply them as part of a packing line.

Other options include a variety of connectivity standards. Most desktop printers include ethernet ports, while WiFi is also common. Some specialist desktop label printers also include RFID encoding as standard.

At Label Line, we have a large selection of label printers, including some of the latest models of desktop label printer. We stock printers from manufacturers including Datamax O’Neil, Sato, Toshiba, and Zebra. We also stock portable and industrial printers, which means that we can meet all your label printing needs. Whether you run a hospital, warehouse, or shop, look at our range of printers online or call us on 0151 546 2222 with any questions you have about our products.

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