Portable Label Printer

Portable label printers are most commonly used in shops and retail outlets. They may also be used in hospitals and healthcare centres, by electricians and plumbers that need to label components, and they offer label printing on the fly. They are designed to be rugged because they can take physical damage when they are being thrown in toolboxes and during their daily use. They do tend to be less expensive than desktop and industrial models, but they also have limited printing capacity and capabilities.

The primary benefit of a portable label printer is its convenience. It is a handheld device and is small enough that it can easily be placed in a toolbox, glovebox in a work van, or stored away in a locker until it is needed again. They are ideal for replacing damaged or old labels in a shop or even warehouse. They are typically only used to print a small number of labels and will not operate efficiently if you are looking to print hundreds of labels in a day.

As well as being mobile, portable label printers have a host of other features. Check that the device will print the size of label that you require. Also consider the type of label or material that it will print on, and factors like print speed. Because this type of device only prints a single label at a time, there is no need for cutting devices, but connectivity is another factor to look at. Most portable versions use Bluetooth or WiFi connections but may also have a USB port to offer a wired connection.

Label Line has a wide range of label printers, including portable models. We offer competitive pricing and our team are always happy to give advice and guidance on the best label printing machines for your business requirements. Shop online now, or call us on 0151 546 2222 with any questions about our products and services.

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