XPA 934 Compact Print and Apply

XPA934 Technical specs

The XPA 934 Compact Print and Apply is a revolutionary labelling system that is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of applications. It is the first model of the new XPA family, introduced by NOVEXX Solutions in November 2019. The system is compact and intuitive, making it easy to operate and suitable for a variety of applications.

The XPA 934 is the most compact print and apply system on the market, with a small footprint and a weight of less than 30 kg. This makes it highly flexible and easy to integrate into any production line, even in situations where space is limited. The system is capable of printing and applying labels in real-time, with excellent print quality even at high application speeds.

The XPA 934 is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It features a large multi-coloured display that is freely rotatable, making it easy to read and operate in any position. The system also has an intuitive operating concept with clear menu navigation, making it comfortable to operate.

The XPA 934 is equipped with digital interfaces and real-time data that can be called up at any time, making it Industry 4.0-capable. It also features a multi-stage, configurable I/O concept with M12 connectors, a cross-media provision of information via LAN, and an option for remote operation via tablet.

The XPA 934 is capable of meeting any industrial labelling challenge or supply-chain application. It is the perfect solution for businesses looking for a compact, flexible, and easy-to-use labelling system that delivers excellent print quality and real-time label application.

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