The importance of a thermal printhead

A thermal printhead is one of the most critical components of a thermal printer and one of the most delicates. The great majority of print quality problems are a direct result of incorrect and improper care of the thermal printhead.

As a consumable, a thermal printhead, needs ongoing maintenance to ensure a long life of service for your printer. Maximizing printhead life is important for users of thermal printing technology because it reduces printhead replacement costs and increases productivity.

Generally speaking, printhead life can be maximized by using a blended combination of darkness settings and toggle pressure forces to achieve the desired label print quality for your specific application. You should avoid using just the darkness settings or just the toggle pressure to achieve your desired print quality. However, printer settings are not the only reason that reduces your printhead lifetime. Most of the times printhead issues caused by dirt…

One of the most common questions we receive from our customers is how often should they clean their printheads. The answer depends whether you are using Direct Thermal printing methods or Thermal Transfer printing methods. To begin with direct thermal, you should clean the printhead after every roll of labels. On the other hand, if you are using thermal transfer printing methods, you should clean the thermal printhead when you install a new roll of ribbons. It’s important to mention that if you work in a dirty environment you should clean your printheads in a regular basis, even daily.

Regarding the way and the materials you will need to clean your thermal printheads, you have to take the advice of an expert and do not attempt to experiment yourself. Here at Label Line UK we can provide you with all the necessary information about the way and the materials you will need to clean your thermal printhead. Drop us a line or contact us at 0151 546 2222 and one of our staff members will advice you and gives you expert guidance of how you can correctly maintenance your printer.