The importance of labeling food products

Consumers’ purchase intention can be influenced by several factors with one of the main ones to be products’ package information. Lack of information on product labels influences negatively consumers’ purchase intention as well as too much information on them. Hence, the information on product labels should be selective and provide consumers only with what is necessary and important for them.

It is well known that Norway is one of the top countries on fish handling and consumption. A study conducted by the University of Tromson, Norway, on fish products’ labels revealed that only 20{38eb46271fe81e48878be6b4be600259e9b5aefb9544f7da7df00275a80316df} of the participants do not pay attention on labels. A percentage of 40{38eb46271fe81e48878be6b4be600259e9b5aefb9544f7da7df00275a80316df} of the participants reported that product labels is a deterrent factor when buying fish products while the remaining 40{38eb46271fe81e48878be6b4be600259e9b5aefb9544f7da7df00275a80316df} reported that they trust products with information labels more.

The results of this study proved that labels on products are very important since only a small minority of consumers do not pay attention on them. One may wonder that these results represent a part of a population in one country. However, don’t forget that fish is the main product of the country and this is capable enough to give a general aspect to the results.

Package labels are capable to lead to product differentiation, increment of trust and attractiveness of the product and can also achieve communication with different consumer segments. So when it comes to your company’s products make sure that you have the necessary equipment and knowledge around the topic in order to achieve the best possible results and gain your customers trust.