Thermal Printing in Libraries

The fact that libraries are making use of technology which tested and developed for business and manufacturing sectors is not a secret. One of the technologies, which libraries adopted through the years, is thermal transfer printing.

Thermal transfer printers offer to libraries a more flexible way of printing durable, accurate and attractive labels that reliable apply to most book surfaces. There are many advantages of using thermal transfer printing technology over other printing technologies or even handwriting, that many libraries still using.

Below are some of the advantages that thermal transfer printing gives to librarians:

  • Librarian can print a single or pair label without wasting additional labels.
  • The can create a clear font that makes distinction between numbers and letters.
  • Ability to scale font to fit the label width.
  • Print directly from the item record avoiding any mistakes.
  • Create a label that adheres well on most book surfaces.
  • Reduce in an important level the label wastage.

Taking all the above into consideration is easy to understand that thermal transfer printing in libraries constitutes an affordable and efficient solution for labelling their books. Without a doubt it saves time, effort and fits each library’s unique needs. Moreover, the adoption of thermal printing in libraries underlines their capabilities and their displacement.