Where are thermal printers used

Where are thermal printers used? Nowadays thermal printers are everywhere, even in places and industries you never thought about it. Take for example ATM machines, once you complete a transaction the machine will issue you with a receipt using thermal printing technology. This is just a simple example, more industries that are using thermal printing technologies are listed below.

Transport Industry

There are different means of transport such as buses, airplanes, ships and trains. All of these means are making use of thermal printing. The tickets that are issued are nowadays printed with thermal printers. This is because it is better and faster than ordinary printing. Imagine waiting for the bus driver every morning printing or issuing your ticket with a different method. It would take you ages to reach your job!

Lottery and Betting

Besides public transportation industry, some other industries that are using tickets are making use of thermal printing technology with Lottery and Betting to be one of them. Participants of lotteries and betting are given tickets and these tickets are printed with thermal printers.

Health Care

Another field where thermal paper and thermal printing is used extensively is the health care field. Doctors are now using portable thermal printers to write their prescriptions making pharmacist life easier. Prescriptions printed by a thermal printer are clear bright and nobody have problems reading them.

Besides prescription, ultrasound printouts and electrocardiograms are done with thermal printers. By using thermal printers, doctors have clear figures and diagrams which it’s easier for them to interpret the results.

Moreover, hospitals are using barcode wristbands to identify patients and staffs. These wristbands are known as Zebra Wristbands.

Finally, of course after making your payment in the hospital you will be issued with a receipt by a thermal printer.

Supermarkets and Grocery Stores

It is difficult to see a grocery or a supermarket that do not have thermal printers. Weighing scales and Cash registers print out a receipt from a thermal printer. Printing receipts with such printers are better and faster than using pen or ordinary printer.


As we have mentioned in another article, libraries are making use of thermal printers as it’s an accurate, affordable and efficient way to label books.

These are just few examples of the wide use of thermal printers. The list would be never ending if you think of a places that you everyday get a receipt. If you believe that we are forgetting something important your comments are welcome.