Elfin 1H

High-resolution Printer for Printing Anywhere On-Demand

The Elfin-1H is an ergonomic lightweight handheld TIJ printer. It printer allows up to 1/2″ print height and the ability to take this printer anywhere within your facility for “short run” project printing or direct printing onto products stacked onto a pallet.

Handheld High Resolution Inkjet Printer

  • Bionic Design
  • Human bionics design
  • Throw Distance Adjustable
  • Different sliding wheel sizes for different DPI
  • High Performance Batteries
  • Two rechargeable batteries in standard packaging – longer than 6 hours of continuous printing
  • With flight box as standard packaging for printer and all accessories
  • Instant Printing – Print anywhere and anytime


Selectable Languages – Chinese, English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian
Fonts – Default font is Arial, allows users to load the fonts they need
Barcodes – UPCA, UPCE, EAN13, EAN8, INT25, CODE39, CODE128, ENA 128, PDF417, DATAMATRIX, QR (Allows user to add the barcode)
Date format – Variety of date modes available (Production Date, Use by Date, Expiration Date, etc)
Counters – Flexible setting for serial number, Lot-Box code counters;
Print Speed – Multi-level password protection (Operator, Technician and Administrator)
Multi-Management – Multi-level password protection (Operator, Technician and Administrator);
*Date and counters can be switched to variable barcode printing

Technical Parameters

HP TIJ2.5, utilizing HP driver board for reliability of printing quality

143 x 123 x 236mm | 5.65” x 4.84” x 9.3”

Power Supply
AC 90V-240V | 50-60HZ (Dedicated AC adaptor)

Printable Heights (mm)

Throw Distance
Throw distance adjustable
1.5mm/2.5mm/5mm sliding wheels available


USB2.0: Support U-Disk

Printing Objects
Barcodes, Character, Numeric, Logos, Date/Time, Expiry Date,
Shift Code, Counter, Lot-Box Code

5inch 800 x 480 color LCD touch screen

Ink Management
Automatically recognize the ink types, and identify the optimum printing parameters
Guarantee of using genuine original HP ink
Automatic detection system for remaining ink volume

Number: Standard 2pcs rechargeable batteries with large

Each battery is comprised of three 2200mAh battery module
Voltage: 11.1V–12.6V
Lifetime: >300 cycle number
Stand-by time: >8H
Continuous Printing time: >4H (Depends on testing)

Product Certification

Working Environment: -10°– +55°C; 10%–85%RH
Storage Environment: -25°– +80°C; 10%–90%RH

Ink Solutions

1) Support 42ml cartridges of HP TIJ2.5 technology
2) Support various colors of ink: black, red, green, blue
3) Support Porous, semi-porous and non-porous materials

To purchase this product, or discuss any of your requirements, please call us on 0151 546 2222