PMR M3010

M3010 – Labelling Line for Two Side Application

The labelling machine M3010 version two sides can print multiple labels on products, round, oval and plans.

Avaiable Models
Economy (cod.TE15)
Classic (cod.TC30)
Plus (cod.TP60)
Classic Digit (cod.TC3OD)
Plus Digit (cod.TP60D)

General Features
Automatic labeller for applying two labels or more on cylindrical, flat and oval products at the same time.
The machine consists in a conveyor and two of the following heads:
Economy (cod. M5E15), Classic (cod.M5EC30), Plus (cod.M5P60),
Classic Digit (cod.M5C30D) and Plus Digit (M5P60D)
In case of wrap around label application a side conveyor is installed. It is also possible to install an overprinting unit, dry (cod.GSS) or hot transfer (cod. GSC), for alphanumerical marking. Product loading/unloading can be done manual, by means of loading plates Ø 800 or 1000 mm (codes: M1 and M2) or directly from an existing production line.

Non motorized side wrap around conveyor (cod. M3)
Upper stabilizer conveyor length 500 or 900 (cod. M5)
Spacing weel (cod. M6)
Orbital alignor ( cod. M7)
Spacing endless screw (cod. M8)
Product bypass (cod. M9)
3 rolls centering system (cod. M10)

Technical Features

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