PMR Solutions M3000

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General features
Automatic labelling machines for applying labels on flat and round products. The machine
is a labelling head which is installed over an existing conveyor using its own chrome plated
stainless steel column (cod. Col) or a half-column (cod.½ COL), adjustable in height and
depth, and complete with asymmetrical base with blocking device and adjustable feet or
self-blocking wheels. Touch screen control box can manage external signals and store in
memory data relative to as many as 100 labels.

End of paper (cod.ALL1) – paper breaking sensor (cod. ALL4) – label roll end sensor, swinging
harm and microswitch interf with your PLC (cod. ALL1,1) same with acustic alarm (cod.
ALL1,2) – paper broken sensor with fork and photocell 24VCC NPN (cod. ALL4) – pneumatic
products expellers for labelling block (cod.ALL3) – encoder (cod.T4) – swinging Blade (cod.
T1) – swinging arm (cod.T2) for irregular surfaces – overprinting group (cod. GSS) o with
thermal transfer (cod. GSC)

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*Other sizes on request.

Please call 0151 546 2222 for any enquiries



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